The defense drill has nothing to do with the Iranian threat in the Strait of Hormuz. Clearly, Israel was left alone to deal with the Iranian regime that flexing its muscles and is supported by Russia, China and 14 Mozlem Brother terrorist organizations that terrorize the world. The dream of the communist dictator Obama and his self-hating liberals is coming true as he is successful to push America military to become useless 'paper tiger' compared to the superpower that America used to be before Obama took control of the White House in 2009. Nevertheless, Obama is cutting the 'wings' of America military to become ineffective and weak while he is selling huge amount of American technology aircrafts to the Mozlem Brother regimes that could use it against America and Israel leading to all out war in the Middle east and beyond. The Mozlem Brother sympathizer Obama used our military in Libya and Egypt to remove their US ally dictators for his new world order in which the Mozlem Brother and their terrorist organizations are becoming the political ruling power of Islam that will rule the Caliphate in Middle East, Central Asia and Northern Africa. With US troops are pulled out of Iraq, Obama is slamming the door on Us influence in the middle East and Asia and leave Iraq and its oil fields to the Iranian regime. American does not need military power when Obama is appeasing and financing the Pakistani regime and US troops are defeated by the Pakistani sponsored terrorists of Taliban and al Qaida. America does not need military when Obama is sending more than 2000 weapons to the Mozlem Brother terrorists and drug cartel gangsters in Mexico and is opening the door for them to come and vote for him in America. America does not military power where Obama already removed the US aircraft carriers from the Gulf to allow the Iranian regime ruling the Strait of Hormuz. Will GOP presidential candidates and GOP congress stand up to save America from Obama’s effort to convert America to banana republic?