After months of debate, I reluctantly chose to fuse T7 to T10 in June 2011 after years of struggle following a car accident in 2006. I had compression fractures at T5 and T7 along with various herniated discs at T1-4,7-10, and T 11-12. The surgeon decided fusing T7-10 was the best option and I agreed.

Today, in prepping for an appt with the VA, I noticed something peculiar. My surgery stuff all says T7-T10 but my recent X-rays show hardware fusing T8-T11. I then confirmed T8-T11 were fused thru another doc. Wow. In shock right now. I have gone thru so much to get to this point and I just can't believe it. Note that T7-8 was the worse disc and T11-12 isn't great either. So, instead of fusing between two good discs, we fused between a ruptured one and a protruding one. And I've been wondering why the pain is worse post-op...and everyone's been telling me to give it time. Lol

I've read these forums for years, never commenting, just getting thank you. Now, though, I'm going to add to discussion. So, my question to all is....since I know many of you know the pain involved, know how doctors just don't understand the pain and impact, know the difficulty of working, managing a family, and doing day to day activities with these issues, and know how fun it is to one doc after would you take finding out the doctor fused the wrong discs.

In return for your insight, I offer everyone the best decision I've made concerning my back. No, it certainly wasn't the surgery, wasn't the chiropractor, massage therapist, tens unit, injections, ablasions, or even acupuncture. Nope, it was the purchase of a bed that allowed me to sleep in a zero g position. Five years of no sleep, pure pain. The bed did not get rid of the pain but it did allow me to sleep a little. I can get about four hours straight now. Doesn't sound like much but it was to me. Maybe it could be for you.

Any ways, I hope you all have a "good day". I say that because I typically remember the the "good days". Friends will ask, "How's the back?" and I will think back and answer,"Today is not so good but I did have two good days in a row last Monday and Tuesday."