March 6 & 7, 2009
This Seminar...
This seminar is an excellent opportunity to see what Hapkido is, to start your journey in Hapkido, or to test your fortitude and continue polishing your spirit. Training is open to adults and to any student of martial arts or rank, from any organization or school. The seminar will feature instruction of taking a deep look into the physiology and psychology of the martial arts techniques. You will have a greater understanding of the martial arts, the philosophy, and science behind it.
About the instructorů
Master Jeff Allen (6 Dan) is has 33 years of experience in Hapkido. He began training under Koreans at the age of 7 and lived/learned/taught in Korea at the headquarters returning to the US in 2000 to open a school. Master Allen majored in Asian Studies attending Seoul University and Maryland University's Asian Division while living in Korea. Master Allen has a very unique way to helping you understand the Asian mindset to completely understand the techniques from the Asian way of thinking. Master Allen is prior Military Intelligence and instructed Hostage Rescue/Counter Terrorism Teams. Master Allen also had the honor of providing joint forces personal protection to the Korean President Young-Sam Kim.
Price:$100 for both days, Discount for IHF members.
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