wanted:flight royalairmaroc 26.12.2009,AT 8:05 Casablanca-Frankfort

Im looking for the nice morrocain man who I met in Casablanca, airport boarding the airplane to francfort. He were sitting near my mother.WE talk together and he asked me questions.
After landing we where loosing us before changing adresses.Where he is now? staying in transit, or taking a train?
Who knows this person:
height: ca.1,80m, small, also small face and dark, short hair, with a little grey
skin: white, age: ca.+/-40, goodlooking, on his left hand a silver ring
dress: black shoes, black jeans, black chemise with small white stripes and a bluegrey joggingjacket with letters.
baggage: black backpacker and a great, soft bag
please who knows this morrocain person, coming from casa or rabat he speaks english, french, arabic,marocain dialect

please send me a note e-mail:adelina@aol.com