First,the organization is treated as a second class one because ,what have they really accomplished? Second,when you have an owner who is arguably one of the worst in sports,and a recluse for a GM who has produced nothing to rave about in over 20 years,knowledgeable fans get turned off. Third,This year's team has achieved a miracle season due primarily to goaltending,a few good forwards and several good but technical defensemen. After all these years there is still no clear out D or true power forward. There is much more including our so called prospects like McIllrath drafted before Fowler(they need a QB on D as well,no?)and he's not it. Most of their forward prospects are smurfs with the exception of Krieder in a league where large,fast tough forwards have become a mainstay.So,I ask Ranger fans,"is everybody happy"? Ottawa in 7 bursting the fantasy bubble!