This is a very thoughtfull and well reasoned article, nearly all of which I agree with. I find it hard toi believe the preds have the 3rd highest rated prospects.... Certainly Colin Wilson looks to be a great pick, Jonathan Blum still has a skinny teenages body, Geoffrion will not likely play in NHL, all the other forwards in The AHL are 3rd and 4th line type players.
Trotsy does get alot out of his players and they like him. The Preds need at least two hallmark scorers to become a playoff threat and a winner in at least a round in the playoffs. Poile didi the right thing in resignen sullivan to a two year deal and Joel Ward. It was timne to let Bonk, Nichol and Fidler go and let the youngsters come in and develope in tose 3rd and 4th line roles.