What keys to the game--The Rangers are lousy team, face it fans. They have no incentive to win. Look at other teams who have much less talent---they skate faster, they shoot more and they show pride in their effort to win. We hear the same old bull every year, add superstar players and still have a team that just cant get out of its own way. I have to believe it is a combination of lousy coaching and a lazy attitude by some of the players. You have to shake up this team by a trade, and get rid of that worthless coach Tortorella. He is not the answer--we should get a Canadian coach who would change this teams attitude and make them play better,We have too many high paid primadonnas who skate in circles and once in a while try to show some effort. This is not acceptable--the Whales have players who would jump at the chance to play in the N.H.L. If your team is not scoring bring these kids up and send the regulars down which would at least scare them and maybe change their attitude of being complacent. This team needs to be shaken up and represent N.Y. in a special way. Just look at the Flyers why is there no quit in them year after year.