Patrice Cormier? Just a freak of the game that should never have represented Canada. This was not an isolated act. The guy is a serial offender and should have been suspended in the world juniors. Maybe, just maybe, Team Canada would have won if the concept of integrity was a cornerstone of the team bench. Any coach that puts this bully on the ice has to share some of the responsibility. The apple does not fall far from the tree. His brother is just as much of an #@$. What would they do to get and edge? Could it involve substance abuse? The stuff does provide the platform for the rage we see in his game. Yes! He should be tested! If i ever see this kid on the ice he will get a round of boooooos from everyone I know. You hit to facilitate puck control not to eliminate your competition. Cowards hmm? I pity the New Jersey Devils who wasted a signing bonus. Patrice is all smiles today hmmm. "Gee boss i done good didn't I. share my money with no-one eh? They gave me a mazda" duh! I hit goood, eh," quack like a duck. Yup its a duck, no, a devil.

Lets get some integrity back in the Game!!