What is wrong with those folks at Canyons? Cuz they think Cougars would offend older women who like to bang younger men?
Why not let them use Mt.Lions, Catamounts or Pumas then?

So would choosing Bears refer to fat hairy gay men?
Wildebeasts refer to big ugly women? Pigs refer to slobs?
Hogs to obeses overeaters who gorge food? Cows to fat women?
Hippos to more fat people? Snakes to devious people?
Foxes to hot chicks? Beavers to the cooch?
Fighting Cocks to gay "sword" play? Dogs to ugly women?
Mules to drug smugglers? Weasels to shifty distrustful people?
Monkeys to late 60's Pop Bands? Sharks to adept card and pool players?
Slugs to lazy people? Tigers to pro golfers who are good in bed?
Barracuda to women looking to get a guy? Chickens to cowards?
Jackals to devious people? Hyenas to cackling laughers?
Moles to deep cover spies? Moose to big clumsy athletes?
Rats to people who fink on you ? Squids to Navy people?
Skunks to smelly people? Swans to ballet chicks?
Toad to fat ugly people? Turkeys to jive people?
Sheep to mindless Republican Conservatives?

BTW we call women in their 50's with age spots who chase younger men - Leopards.