I stayed at the Marriott Aruba in August of 2000. I got bug bites in the room and found some small bugs crawling on the floor. Red blotches appeared after I got home that were incredibly itchy and I became very ill. I went to my doctor as well as dermatologist(s) and gynecologist who all have never seen anything like it.I eventually got better with high doses of antibiotics. Symptoms have reappeared in varying degrees since. I was diagnosed a year later with fibromyalgia. But many symptoms were not explained, now knowing that it's all exactly consistent with Lyme Disease which I wasn't tested for.
I had a severe case of H1N1 in 2009, and the numbness in my arm and sometimes leg got worse.
Recently, I was exposed to a pesticide in my bedroom and had an anaphalactic type response. Since then, I've been diagnosed with acute multiple chemical sensitivies (MCS) and I believe, Radio wave sensitivies is the correct term, and Lyme Disease. I have high levels of chemicals, metals and moderate amount of mold in my body.
Anyway, I've read of post other experiences with unusual bites in Aruba(specifically at the Marriott) around 1998-2000 and was wondering if anyone also now has lyme disease or similar problems. Particularly looking for a woman with Lyme(maybe from New York?)who made a post dated late in 2000, which I can't locate.