For anyone experiencing menopause symptoms there's a soy based drug trial which may hold the secret to treating debilitating menopause symptoms such as hot flushes.

What's interesting is that many woman consume soy products in the hope of overcoming these symptoms, but in actual fact only 20% of the Australian population have the enzyme necessary to properly absorb the benefits of soy.
In comparison, about 80% of Asian populations have the enzyme, which accounts for the lower rates of menopause symptoms in Asian populations.
This means that in most cases of Australian women, drinking or eating soy products may not actually be providing the promised health benefits.

The drug basically extracts the positive benefits of soy and bypasses the lack of the necessary enzyme in most Australian women to take affect in relieving menopause symptoms.

It is currently being trialled in leading hospitals throughout NSW, SA, and VIC so for more info go to or call 1800 236 350.