Hello World,

First of all i would like to point out my dissapointment about how the Ecoli Issue is beeing taken care of.

As a Citizen of Germany , Portuguese national and also a supporter of a Equal and Stable European Economy , i come before all of you to understand how the German Goverment is Basically creating a 'state of Paranoia' Arround this so called Cucumber Bacteria .

A nation of Discipline and strong Economy its now a cause of million of Euros and Losses arround all Spanish Producers.
It is only fair to assume that it is correct to prevent such events , but rather than simply pointing the finger at the small ' SüdLander' perhaps a bit more of investigation would be great .

Result : In most of german food Supplier all Spanish origin products are beeing extracted and returned. That means Cucumber ,tomatoes etc..

Is it fair to break an economy in such cold manners ? Is it correct to blame with no common ground ?

By now most of us will sit at home having a nice mug of coffe looking at this Discussion board , but somewhere in spain i risk to say a few thousands are now siting at home with no job ,and who knows .. Maybe they will still sit at home in a year time , just because some Paranoid Sensationalist somewhere in germany decided to point out that spain is the one to blame for the deadly Cucumber.

Maybe just news to all of us , maybe not even my problem as Spanish and Portuguese people dont get allong since that peninsula was formed , but for the spanish economy another domino Peace falling in this unstable board Called Europe!