I loved reading this! It's what I believe is THE WAY if bridge is to become anything like it was up until the 70s--America's card game--a place for both serious and sociable players.

I'm one of those old ladies who learned to play bridge back in the mid-50s, and still play. I'm a bit different, however, in that I've written a book about the pop culture and history of what I call "sociable" bridge, and out of that I started a blogezine this year at http://bridgetable.net -- my goal is that sociable bridge not die when the generation of old ladies like me, are gone.

My blogezine is my Bucket List cause--trying to convince the bridge establishment that the way to making serious bridge as popular as it once was and attract younger players is to read bridge history and do as Ely Culbertson did. Target the mass of potential SOCIABLE players and the number of those with the DNA for serious bridge will just naturally increase.

As it is, the ACBL is primarily interested in potential duplicate players, and there's no organization out there promoting to the potential sociable players.There ought to be an ASBL - American Sociable Bridge League - right along with the ACBL.

By housing them in the same facility, you are reaching both, and that is great!