Last week I looked at two 33 and 34 foot Small Diesel motorhomes, one the New Feetwood Excursion due out in 2013 and the other the Palazzo another contact and smaller diesel puhers. Both these RVs make since for someone looking for a smaller rear diesel motorhome. But the Palazzo is hands done the best value here. The PZ comes loaded with a lot more standard features and a few new ones that the 2013 Fleetwood Excursion diesel motorhomes just don't The PZ has the edge on quality too, the Fleetwood felt like I was in a trailer and not just an RV but a trailer from the 80's in a trailer park. The PZ's shower is larger, a much better design for usability in the basement storage areas too. The PZ did't waste any space in the cockpit. The Excursion has a tiny class C style refrigerator where the PZ has a residential refrigerator standard. There is seating for 8 or 10 depending on the floorplan in the PZ where Fleetwood 2013 Excursion only offers seating for 6 at best. I do like that both of the offer an optional bunk bed over the cockpit.

Plus the New 2013 Fleetwood Excusion Motorhomes only have a single slide-out and the Palazzo has two.

There is a nice review of these new 2013 class A diesel motorhomes: ...

I'd check out Thor's site at, and look for the small diesel RVs or there is a brand direct link

If you are shopping for a small diesel motorhome I'd look at the Palazzo Compact Class A RVs.