ESPN has released their annual ranking of the best franchises in the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL, and the news is not good for the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals ranked last - number 122 out of 122 - in 'The Ultimate Standings.'
ESPN considers eight major categories in determining the rankings: bang for the buck, fan relations, ownership, affordability, stadium experience, players, coaches and title track. The Bengals ranked 90th last year.
And we the people of Hamilton county PAY for this in tax $$$ to pay for THERE stadium.
Professional sports are big business. Billions of dollars in net profits exchange hands between League Offices in the big four of professional sports and franchise owners and players. So much money is made that it leads to Titanic struggles. Witness the recent fight in the National Football League over how $9 Billion in revenue will be divided between the league, team owners, and the players.

Since 2003, Hamilton County taxpayers had to pay for improvements and upkeep at Paul Brown Stadium in 2003 ($677,344), 2005 ($1,214,439), 2006 ($1,482,326), 2007 ($1,159,914), 2008 ($2,322,843), 2009 ($1,222,771) and 2010 ($512,230). Comparatively speaking, taxpayers only had to pay $2,177,870 million for upkeep and improvement at Great American Ball Park.
Commissioners tried to "bail out" the Stadium Fund by forcing homeowners to pay more money in property taxes while reducing the property tax rollback. The deal asked for the Reds and Bengals to add a combined $9.6 million over the next five years in rent. Neither have signed off on the deal and the average Hamilton County homeowner will pay an additional $80 this year.

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