Aaron isn't exactly an unknown quantity in the NFL. He had 6 years with the Cardinals and was an all-Pro as a special teamer. The guy can hit and he doesn't get beat very often, if at all. That said, the play was crazy, to knock the ball down would have been fine although you're giving #5 time for one or two more long pass attempts. I've never seen an INT anything like this one, it looked like a Willy Mays over the head, basket catch, in mid air or a David Thompson super ski-dunk. With the defensive front seven tackling like 5 year olds in a greased pig contest both Francisco and Powers had to be good or Indy's mistakes cost them the game. The guy is a super good guy, if anyone deserves the chance to keep his position its Aaron. They aren't many Colt fans that don't consider the guy to be a big improvement over the "lost it, a few years back," Bob Sanders.