A new jail is not what this county needs, we need more police officers back on duty to help keep us safe. There are many things being looked over by cops not by their choice just because there aren't enough of them to go around, child abuse, drugs, domestic violence, etc. The reason they want a new jail is so we can house more inmates out of county and bring money into the county, but who does that money really go too? Not the residents, not on cleaning up the county, it goes to the few workers that controlled where the money is going, they are pushing this issue because they are greedy! When other inmates from other counties are housed here what's that do for visitation? It brings the roughs from other counties here, and when they see its a small quiet little town, well it might just urge them to pick up and move here. Then what happens to the crime rate? Well it goes sky high! So glad to that all of you guys are so concerned of the citizens and the county rather then greedy! Greed brings out the worst in people!!