Have some fun, eat some tasty food and prepare for your week ahead all at
once and economically.

Heirloom Organic Gardens invites you to come to the weekly farmers market in
at from to .

While many people have been aware of farmers markets for many years, you may
not be aware of some of the items that are available and how much fun it is
to go to this market. There are greens that are useful for both good health
and fighting disease. There are fresh fruits, some of which are
particularly tasty - most of which the vendors allow tasting of the
produce. There are vegetables that are not available in the supermarket or
even the "produce markets". Also, there are prepared foods of various types
and even fresh meat and honey. Most weeks there is also entertainment of
various sorts.

Heirloom Organic Gardens is this farmers market and is the Santa Clara
Valley's grower of flavorful specialty Greens, Root Vegetables, seasonal
Vine Crops and other tasty and nutritious vegetables. Grant Brians, the
owner, farms the oldest certified organic farm in the Southern Santa Clara
Valley and San Benito County (from 1976) and other local ranches, growing
only those vegetables and fruits he likes the taste and other
characteristics of. Grant invites you to meet his produce and helpful
people at the market. Part of the time he is at this market himself.

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