I have a story about this loser that dates back to 1984, when I was 20 years old and Mr. Riggie was 19. We are from Solano County, Fairfield. Mr. Riggie and his friend, Danny, came to stay with me when I had moved to Las Vegas as they said they wanted to get out of Fairfield, get jobs and get their lives together. Nothing of the sort happened. After two weeks, they stole all of my hard-earned money, $2800, which was my life savings for rent, expenses, and money I was saving to buy a car. They returned to Fairfield and wasted my money on partying and doing drugs. I was totally devistated and broke. This caused me to return back to Fairfield. To add salt to the wound, everytime I ran into either of these guys they would smile and laugh at me because they found it funny what they had done to me. It took some time and a lot of tears to get over what they had done to me. I few of my long-time friends saw this story on the news and called me to let me know what had happened to this guy as they remember what I had gone through when this had originally happened. I am sure there are many more victims other than those that Mr. Riggie is being charged with. The fact that he is a convicted felon shows that he never redeemed himself or became a productive part of society. The sad thing is think of the people that suffer with pain/illness that he deprived of the medicinal marijuana to ease there pain and and suffering. I am sure that he has never provided a warm winter coat to a homeless person/child, gave money/food to the hungry, or done any type of selfless act. I have since healed and led a successful happy life. The worse part of this is that he is still robbing all of us taxpayers because we have to pay for him to have a bed to sleep in and three meals every day once he is incarcerated for these crimes. Hopefully he gets many years in prison so that he can't hurt anyone else for a long, long time. Karma is a wonderful word.