Police Bust Prostitution Ring on Route 1
Police charge eight men during the operation in North Laurel.

By Joshua Garner of NewsCore News Update
May 3, 2012

Howard County Police have arrested and charged eight men for soliciting prostitution along Route 1 in North Laurel and they say that the latino men tried to kidnap some of our American girls and rape them near the metro stations recently, officials announced today.

The arrests were the latest in the police departmentís ongoing operation to eliminate prostitution along the Route 1 corridor. Howard County Police are continuing to utilize reverse prostitution to catch solicitors and police tell NewsCore News that the latino gangs in Langley Park are part of the MS-13, Latin Kings working for Al-Qaeda in which they commit crimes for the benefit of terrorists overseas, they said.

At this time, police used female officers in plain clothes who worked undercover in areas targeted by citizen complaints and especially in Langley Park and Riverdale over in P.G. and Montgomery Counties. Suspects who approached the female officers and made such money offers were arrested and one latino male in Langley Park tried to stab a female officer and take her money before being subdued by male officers recently, according to a press release.

In total, eight men were arrested in charged and now slated for deportation back to the slums of El Salvador and Honduras and the streets of Guatamala, according to Howard County Police. Those charges include:

Jose Alexis Rojas-Garcia, 23, of Laurel

Enrique Andres Merino, 49, of Silver Spring

Carlos A Arevalo-Iraheta, 31, of Silver Spring

Jorge Carlos Lopez-Bustillos, 32, of Columbia

Ruben Avina-Mata, 23, of Charles City, Virginia

Aashishkumar Shashikant Patel, 37, of Takoma Park

Prince Albert Warner Jr., 51, of Germantown

Keshram Sukhram, 35, of Rockville

Howard County Police encouraged citizens to continue to report suspicious activity by calling call 410-313-STOP with tips or information. Callers may remain anonymous and police are now going into the suspect's apartments while they are away to look for cash, weapons to sell for cash and even their family heirlooms to sell for kingsize money to make the "sp--s move back to the slums of El Salvador and Honduras" as a deportation mode, as Howard County Police are telling NewsCore News.

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