This residential neighbor hood (Lincoln Meadows) has only one access road Reagan Drive. Lincoln Meadows development has not been completed by this builder. Promises made by this builder to Lincoln Meadows residents and HOA has fulfilled by this builder. The Lincoln Meadows development (streets)has not yet been dedicated by the towbship. Their are many more lots that are still not developed. The same builder is requesting this Zoning change plans to create an access to the three corner lots by having an a NEW access to these properties fron a new proposed commercial driveway 150 feet opposite Truman Drive on Reagan Drive. The Lincoln Meadows home owners association opposes this plan and are not sure that the builders "END GAME" is not to rezone 4 undevelpped existing Lincoln Meadows lots (to commercial) after the 3 lots in question(on rt 322) are rezoned to Comercial. Also the exit from these three lots as proposed will be only a few hundred feet onto Rt 322 (east bound) from the Reagan Drive/rt 322/Hackman Road. The Lincoln Meadows HOA has other concerns that the builder hasn't addressed. The zoning board stated at this meeting that the builder is requesting this zoning, however at this time the builder has no plans to build any comercial building on these lots in question? 6981