Got my $$ sitting the bank waiting for
this new updated iPad....let's see what
Jobs and his team have done to enhance an already awesome product.
Camera on the front would be good
so I can use the face time like the
iPhone 4.
I love my iPhone 3G over and above the iPhone 4 simply for it's feel in my hands, the curved edges are much more comfy in my hands.
Our personal inventory includes:

IPod classic (my photos)
iPod nano (walking to my music)
MacBook 13''( my work horse)
iPhone 3G
G4 tower (hubby's workhorse)
MacBook Pro (hubby's)
iPod touch (hubby's)
Apple TV (entertainment)
Apple iMac (fathers...he is 90!)

See.....all we need now is the iPad
We convert everyone we meet to
Hope that Steve Jobs is soon feeling
Apple stock 2 years ago =$28.00
Apple stock now =$300 plus
If you had bought 100 shares 2 years ago and dared to sell them you would see a profit of $26.000 plus.
BUT who would be silly enough to sell them?!?!?!?!