BP has a long haul ahead some involved are gone
Many more may be found as lackeys begging for a job.
By Dwight Baker
SUBJECT: BP Recovers $4 Billion From Anadarko for Gulf Spill
Anadarko would pay the sum in a single cash payment, BP said. BP has paid more than $7 billion in compensation for the spill.
The deal “removes significant uncertainty regarding future liabilities and associated risks,” Mr. Hackett said.
CEO Hackett is not trustable.
He is one of the many CEO’s that belongs to the radical geopolitical thinking imposed by the Bilderberg group.
Now the next thing is that BP promised Obama to put up the $20 Billion when the deal was first struck long ago yet they have not followed through.
Then for those that can still think sane and civilly at the same time might wonder why all those millions of claims have not been paid. NO MONEY HONEY!

One more reason those involved around the world in OCCUPY have it right for people all over to have rights to life in all ways protected by the Universal cry for Justice for all.