Did the Chairman and CEO HSBC PLC show "Courageous Integrity" in India?

Once again reading HSBC's Annual Report and the words of the Chairman and CEO what wisdom these men have, you may think.

Please do not be fooled by their words, the following details will call into question how truthful these words are.

Mr Flints states
"Similarly when things go wrong, as they will from time to time, we judge ourselves, inter alia, against how we respond and how quickly we learn from the experience. Nothing is more important than our reputation". He goes on "We are truly sorry to all those who were adversely affected by our failings"

On being transparent “Once you’ve got used to the fact of being more transparent, it becomes a way of life".

Dealing with complaints in India and around the world I have found HSBC, the Chairman and CEO to be less than transparent.

Will the Chairman be telling the truth to shareholders at this tear's AGM or like last year providing more False and Misleading information to shareholders. Try telling the truth Mr Flint? That would be something New.

Mr Gulliver states
"We are putting a new emphasis on values at HSBC, so that our employees are empowered to do the right thing and to act with courageous integrity.
"We are profoundly sorry about what happened and are committed to standing fully behind our customers".

When we contacted the Chairman and the CEO about a complaint and asking them to make sure HSBC India released information to the complainant that they had complied with the Rules and Regulation in India, they did not even answer her.
Sent her statement to the wrong address for over five years.

Many more complainants has received the same treatment in India.

Is this what they mean about "courageous integrity and are committed to standing fully behind our customers" ask their customers in India what they think about the Chairman stating "We are truly sorry to all those who were adversely affected by our failings".

They are just words with no real action to resolve the failing of HSBC India, their only action was to sell off the written off credit card and personal loan debt for $10 million. Is this less than what has been awarded to the CEO Mr Gulliver this year?

His award was for showing personal adherence to leadership in promoting HSBC Values. This over-riding assesses behavior around the HSBC Values principles of being 'open, connected and dependable' and acting with "courageous integrity"

Mr Laidlaw (CEO of Centrica) sits on the Remuneration Committee of HSBC (Fee £125,00), this is the same man who is the CEO of Centrica owners of British Gas who was fined £2.5 million is the largest ever issued by Ofgem for customer service issues. Mr Laidlaw should deal with the problems at his company instead of sitting as a Board Director of other companies.

Has he showed "Courageous Integrity" to the customers of British Gas?