Just left my local Dollar General(where i shop often by the way) and was a bit surprised to say the least at their latest security measure.
I wasn't in the store 30 seconds when a voice came over the loudspeaker informing everyone that " I Am Michael, head of security at this dollar general and your activities are being monitored..BLAH BLAH BLAH..". This crap continued repeatedly every 30 seconds or so the whole 5 minutes i was in the store. Anyone else find this highly offensive? I worked in retail for many years and i understand the damage that theft causes but Come on. I saw that DG's profits are way up due to the struggling economy. I guess this is the way they've decided to spend a little piece of that profit. By haranging their good customers along with potential thieves.Ridiculous!

P.S.- I Assumed that it was a recording until i told the clerk i found it offensive when i was checking out and she told me that it was actually a live person repeating that crap ad nauseum.