They are listed as No. 3 on The 10 Greatest Cases of Fraud in University Research on :

"3. Plagiarism at KU
Two University of Kansas computer scientists, Mahesh Visvanathan and Gerald Lushington, were found to have plagiarized major portions of their research, for which they had published three articles with an international audience. So much of their work was lifted from other scientists’ work, that even "the entire summarizing statement in their presentation had come from someone else’s journal article," a presentation that they had planned to make at a conference in Sweden, which they ultimately did not make due to accusations of plagiarism. The two researchers have been working with the U.S. Office of Research Integrity, which found them to be ignorant and complacent about plagiarism in their research program at KU. Unlike so many others involved in research scandals, Visvanathan and Lushington have been allowed to keep their jobs."

They brought deep shame to the university and they still have jobs??

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