I don't know why it took so long for Topix to let me know I had a reply on this thread. Anyway, I can only assume you were monitoring my dicussion with Hemroids/Joker/XXX/Tired of Republican Lies. He has disappeared. I can only assume he was one of those Obama operatives being paid to blog before the election. I don't get paid to study birds. I am a union member. The only talk shows I listen to are Hannity and Levin; sometimes. Levin is one of the greatest constitutional lawyers there is. Regular listener of Dave Ramsey, but you probably don't know who that is. And I watch Fox. This way I get both sides and make up my own mind. I know about history and why our founders left Europe and created the greatest document ever created- the US Constitution. That is what we live under. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not mean government bailouts when our businesses fail. I don't resent any person and the wage they make. If they are paid very well, more power to them. But they cannot cry then when the company goes broke because of their high wages and benefits and poor management. If the auto workers were smart, they would have invested every dime they could over all those years of making great wages and they wouldn't hurt so much when their jobs go away. NO job is stable and that is the way I look at things, even my job. I am prepared if I ever get the notice. Congratulations on your financial success. Do I have debt? Some, but it's what my financial advisor calls "good" debt. I don't like any debt at all, but the highest interest rate I have is on my house at 5.25%. I have no problem making ends meet and having some left over to invest. While I may not be the best at math, my writing and spelling makes up for that. We all have something we could perfect, couldn't we? I don't need math at my job, so I don't care.
Remember, when you speak about our elected officials only caring about the rich, look at your own democratic party. They are just as wealthy as the republicans. It is not up to ANY politician to make citizens rich. And anyone who says they will are lying or socialists! It is up to us to earn, save and invest. Those who don't, have no right to insist a rich person give to them by force of the government.