I just read your story and I would like to say to you: why do only the black people in this town get to go to college for free? I grew up very very poor without food, clothes, and most of all no school supplies, and no, the teachers did not give a damn about white people like me. Maybe that is because I am WHITE. I always wanted and still do want to go to college, but since I am a white person I am discrimminated against. College was my way out also but nobody cared. I am sick and tired of having to pay for what happened to black people years ago, I was not alive and did not do anything to anyone. There are alot of white kids that can only dream about going to college to get an education so they can have a good life, but that will never happen because everything is given to black people and that is not fair, and that is why discrimmination still happens to this very day. Because black people will not stop hating and blaming all whites for what happened many many years ago before my time, and they always keep the hate going!!!! White people are now the ones who are getting discrimminated against now and my generation of good and decent people did not do anything to anyone!!!!
Doesn't it make you feel good that this is happening to us now, because it sure sounds like that to me!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I voted for the first African American President, and have never judged anyone because of the color of their skin!!!!