"Worship as Sister Rubye's House"
Sister Rubye Griggs, such style, such grace, such wisdom...She loved God first, and then loved us all, and we knew it.
I always loved going to visit. I would make her house my last stop when surving communion so we could stay a long time.
When we arrived, she would be dressed up! "Where you going, Mrs Griggs?" "Well where else can I wear it?"
She always had a word of encouragement, or a word that would make you laugh!
We would really have church! Jean would get on the organ, Mrs. Jackson and Pearl would read Scripture. And we would sing, sing, sing all her old favorites. After communion was served, we would pray. We'd gather, kneel at her feet, hold hands and pray. Sometimes when I finished praying, she would break out in one of those old hymns, or she would begin to pray for us.
"Lord, thank you for my pastor and these who come to see about me. You know I appreciate it so much..." it was endearing and we all left there lifted.
Mrs Griggs received me as her pastor the moment we met. I will treasure those many visits. She helped us learn how to live, how to love, and how to laugh.
I will fondly remember,
"Worship as Sister Rubye's House"