A black Audi going approximately 80mph traveling down New Park Avenue crossed over the intersection at New Britain Avenue and crassed into the vacant Puritan Furniture building going through a plate glass window and three interior brick walls before coming to a stop at the rear of the building. The asian driver was in his young to mid 20's and his brother was the passenger, approximately same age range. My parents were the first to run into the building to help them and when they reached the car the driver had just gotten out of the vehicle and was walking around. My father instructed him to sit down and remain still at which point the young man crouched down to his knees and then laid down on his side. My mother went to the passenger and the young man had a big bump on is forehead, blood coming down over his eyes, from his mouth and when he reached around to his back his hands were covered in blood. He was wearing his seat belt and my mother instructed him to sit back and wait for the paramedics. He kept asking for his brother and my mother told him that his brother was okay and was laying down next to the car. Both air bags had deployed and both the front and rear windows had been shattered and were missing. There were bricks from the building in the car.
The car had actually accelerated before hitting the intersection and was traveling about 80mph, hit the curb before the furniture building causing it to go airborn about 5-6ft before crashing into the building.
When paramedics and police arrived they could not go into the building until the fire dept arrived to declare the building structurally sound. My parents were asked to evacuate for their safety when the police arrived and the passenger was crying begging my mother not to leave him. Both young men were taken by ambulance and it took over an hour to have the car pulled from the building from a tow truck and was put on the flat bed. The front of the car was all smashed in and I have not heard anything on the final condition of either the driver or passenger. By Saturday the building had been boarded up with plywood.
I had never in my life seen or heard such a horrific scene, it is amazing that this accident didn't result in the death of the people in the car.
I posted pictures of the scene on wfsb's facebook page just minutes after the accident and was shocked that there was no news coverage on such a horrific scene.