As a preface to this, I sincerely apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place. Please don't attack me if I have done so; just let me know where the appropriate place would be if this is not it. Thank you.


Hi. New to the area and completely new to this idea, but if there are others that are interested and willing to give this a try, please contact me!!

I'd like to get a group of people together, maybe 4-8 or so, where we hopefully have similar food interests. Then we can create weekly menus and can buy the necessary ingredients for those meals in bulk and split the cost, making it cheaper for each person than if we did our shopping separately. Then we could all go to a single location and share the prep-work and clean-up. I was thinking of this as a once-a-week cooking group where the dinners for the entire week are made on that one day.(I am thinking that splitting the cost based on number of servings of each meal would be the most fair, but since I'm new to this, I'd welcome any ideas.)

I am also interested in preparing healthy snacks for the week in a similar fashion.

If you are interested in doing something like this, please contact me. Thank you!! For more information about me, please see below:


I just recently finished school and now have a full-time job and have discovered that I have no time, nor real inclination, to cook. However, my budget just doesn't allow me to eat out for every meal... I have a stove/oven, but I hate using it. I'm more of a crock-pot girl, but I'm definitely willing to learn. My house isn't huge, but there's plenty of driveway for parking and it's definitely big enough to fit a few more people in the kitchen.

I'm not a health-nut, although I'm not unwilling to try healthy foods. I'm more of a Southern-comfort foods person - I like traditionally home-cooked meals - beef and potatoes. Pretty much, what you'd find at Golden Corral...