can we please get a poll together to stop vehicles PARKING ON DELSEA DRIVE to run into/eat at Nick's pizza? the lane turns to the right for Porchtown which is a pretty busy road but people treat this raod like a shoulder because the majority of the traffic stays left down delsea drive. i live right down the street and always see people driving south down delsead rive and almost DRILL parked cars in front of Nick's. this IS NOT a shoulder and it's ridiculous that people do this. i am a transplant from Wash Twp and even tere we wouldn't do something so haphazard. this has to stop and that begins with the police. cops stop and do this therefore people think its acceptable. i call once a week (until someone finally will die in a tragic accident getting mozz. sticks before someone slams into them and kills them and their family) and tell the girls i want to talk to owner and i actually had the girl tonight say "it's legal; the cops do it". come on, police. stop the shit. enforce stopping this. there's a parking lot right next door.