whats cuz this og angelo barefoot from greenbelt
hickery street watts crip set blue colors sometimes
purple we are one of the killer crip sets here in p g county cuz look bloods used to run prince george county back like 6 years ago but over the
last three tears it has been us crips cuz we locs
are in most of prince george county towns here in
2011 cuz lanham rollin20 rollin 90s 18th street mexican gang bounty hunter bloods
hyattsville playboy style crips 106th school yard crips ms13 18th street mexican gang
cttage city surenos mexican gang
landover pimptown murder sqad crips fruittown brims
18th street ms13 skttosdale piru bloods
menlo gangster crips marlow heights

suitland rollin60s gangster crips 43rd
latin kings 18th street denver lanes ms13 145 pirus
captiol heights east side hustler crips 115 118
be bop watts bloods latin kings
seatpleasnt they still have just two crews
clinton has one neighbrohood gang crew
langley park ms13 18th street latin kings
but look cuz losangeles homies are still living
out here in prince george county but some locs
have been in jail for a long time some have left
now losangeles latino 18th street gang members
from diffrent 18th street gang sets are still around to in hyattsville blabensbugh langley park
but they are in suitland riverdale to they are
real losangeles latino gangsters that have put
on a lot of young montgomery and prince george latino youth in to their west coast gang sets
they have came out here and have put in work
they have familyies that have been here in
the washighton dc area for over twenty years now
they fight big time with ms13 but look cuz we crip
sets here in prince george county cops are really
out here on these streets because they have
been told that some 18th street gangsters have
made some hits out on come of are little cuz locs
in diffrent areas of prince gorge county look
cuz right now black gangs and latino gangs are cool
homie we do not want any shit home boy we even
have home boys from my crip set that date nice looking latino women here in p g but some gang sets
of the 18th street gangsters have been talking shit
a bout us locs come now homie you do your shit
we do are shit cuz i know their has been bad blood
with black and latino gangs in losangeles over
the years but out here things have been cool
but you know with shit getting hot on the streets
things could get rough but i hope not