First let me say that I feel very bad for Megan Moore. No one would ever want to put another soul in the position of being in an accident where a death occurs. I knew Devin and I know that Devin would never have wanted that either. It's difficult to get that impression from this article. I want to share some information about Devin. He was a Registered Nurse at St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center. He had just finished the night shift there, and was on his way home to his pregnant wife and 3 young children. He traveled the same route home after every shift, and was aware of where the stop signs were. He had been a diabetic since childhood and over the years fought with managing his blood sugar. He had been a car accident several years ago (not his fault) and sustained an injury, that because of his diabetes, took months and months to heal and therefore was careful about wearing a seat belt when he drove. The particulars are being investigated, but it's my opinion that perhaps after a busy shift at the hospital, Devin's blood sugar dropped to a level that impaired his reasoning abilities and he attempted to drive home not realizing the condition he was in. Low blood sugar in diabetics has almost the same effect as being intoxicated and the person isn't always aware that they are impaired. He was a good man, he loved his wife, he loved his children and he was proud of his career, which was to help people, not hurt them. For some reason St. Luke's has frozen his pay and now his wife and children are not only deprived of him, but at this time they have nothing to live on. I don't know the particulars of why St. Luke's would do this, but I hope it gets resolved quickly. I hope that those who read this article and this comment will reserve any negative judgement and instead reach out in love and support to both Megan Moore and to Devin's family during this heartbreaking time. Thanks for taking the time to read this.