Fred Simmons has done some amazing things while in office. People need to understand that policies take time to be effective, and one mayoral term is not enough time to judge someone's effectiveness as a new breed of "in your face" mayor. But if it's results you are looking for, and results that you are going to use to make your decision when it comes to voting, then look at the ASTONISHING reduction in crime since Fred took office. He is out on the streets everyday, shaking hands and putting a face on Aberdeen's mayoral committee. He has been to every house at least twice, so if you haven't had a chance to meet him, then I suggest you take the time to learn a little about the man. His family values and concern for the city of Aberdeen is second to none, and his work ethic and business savy is on a level not even close to that of his opposition - just look at the success of his State Farm Agency. The man knows what's right for the city, and even though his style is slightly more agressive, he gets sh*t done. VOTE FOR FRED SIMMONS!