-> China premier demands more anti-graft efforts
Full story: CBS 3 Springfield
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is demanding tougher anti-corruption efforts amid a huge political scandal over a now-suspended Politburo member whose wife has been named a suspect in the murder of a British businessman. <-

60 years ago since the Communism was born by Karl Marx, every Communist country already fought for their own Communist corruption in every year.

Every year on the Communist radio plays so loudly the "We Communist had been being successful for the rice harvest this summer, for the coal mine production in three times more amounts than lastyear, for the pig farm produced 100 millions new young pigs without exchange economy with the West enemies ... etc ........

Today we still fight for our own corruption, who speak about our Red China corruptions are traitors and must be eliminated and sentence to die in dead squad.

I m telling you guys Commies, wanna fight for the truth for the corruption, let your country be in Democracy and that Democracy will do the job for you guys in fearless.