Common Sense inc wrote:
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Yeah yeah. Again, B_rad brought the "real" again. No blabbing insults, just cold, hard truth. That's what's needed here. In my time doing psychology, & being completely a Humanist, I have to side completely w/'ol B_rad here. A quick hug & or kiss, isn't heavy-lifting type of effort spent. I would start watching your girl closely, sir. Something is definitely amiss. Guard your sail closely, for the winds of trouble & change will most likely be pushing it's way towards you. And you know where that takes you: rough waters. Females are the ones that still believe in the "perfect guy" type of love. If she doesn't see you in that light now, then someone else has most likely caught her attention, & she's slowly drifting into his limelight. This is what I've always told ppl in your shoes-"Ask her in a totally dismissive behavior, what she thinks about marriage."
If her answer is instantly defensive & hurtful, then you know that she's not going to be a long-term type. She's got an agenda. I truly wish you all the best, my friend. I hope to see you atop your mountain one day, very soon.
You no like my blabbing insults?