Arrests Made In 1994 Rancho San Diego Slaying

Police said Monday they have made two arrests in the 1994 slaying of a 24-year-old Rancho San Diego man. Full Story

Clarkston, MI

#1159 Feb 22, 2011
Correction on typo's:

Waste tax payers money on this issue? It's an unsolved murder of a young man that deserves to be solved. Tax payers money has been wasted on lots of crap and that's the best you can come up with?

Santee, CA

#1160 Feb 22, 2011
That's the easy way of saying let a murderer go! 14 yrs or 100 yrs, regardless, a murder, a crime has been committed. I'm sure the victim David Binno had payed enough taxs into the system during his life. His country owes it to him to find out who killed him and put his muderers behind bars as anyone would if it were you or your family members. It's his right as an American, this is the country he was born in, he has his rights to be defended by his government....... The point being whether it was a terrible or great investigation that was done by the police, the fact remains that a crime has been committed and it is never to late to make things right and bring the criminals to justice! JUSTICE FOR DAVID BINNO"...

Santee, CA

#1161 Feb 22, 2011
Reasonable Doubt wrote:
6 jurors said Not Guilty - it is going to be too hard to get all 12 to say he is guilty for something that happened in 1994 - and with a sloppy investigation. I think we should avoid wasting taxpayer money on this issue!
Jeremy Allen Wessels first trial was 2 guilty and 10 not guilty, 14 yrs or not second trial the DA got a verdict of 12 guilty. So how's those numbers for you? I say Franswa will be behind bars in no time just where he and the likes of him belong. The only moneys that's been wasted is on people like you and the likes of Franswa Shammam. Yeah, it's a shame and a waste that our taxs has to be wasted on murderers, but it is there for the legal system to bring the criminals to justice. That's why the justice system has to be tough and put the law in motion to work for the American people. That's we have laws to obey by and that there are consequences by one's actions.....
Str8 jokes

El Cajon, CA

#1162 Feb 22, 2011
I think you should be put behind bars SPEAKUPSD. And I hope 1 day you get accused for something you didn't do and they blame you. You must be a super retard the way you think. Yea lets put someone behind bars for something that you can not prove they actually did...Go fly a kite and keep dreaming. Franswa is a stand up guy, I know him and he would never do such a crime, especially to his own kind and he was his friend no motive smarty pants!

Poway, CA

#1163 Feb 23, 2011
So what's the status of a retrial?

Santee, CA

#1164 Feb 23, 2011
Str8 jokes... The name fits you well! Jokes, that's what you and your boy Franswa are. You are just about stand up person as much as Franswa is, i'm sure. Go tell the 12 jurors that found Allen Wessels guilty of 1st degree murder when he wasn't even the shooter and the 6 jurors that found Franswa guilty of 1st degree murder for the crime he is being charged with, that they are retards as well. All of you guys that have Franswa's back are all alike obviously, that's why you are backing him up. You all don't have any morals much less have any ethics for another human beings life.....Who knows, maybe you've committed the same crime that Franswa has? So maybe it is you and his backers need to be behind bars along his side! It's you that needs to stop flying your kite so high so you could get your head out of the clouds and stop dreaming the unbelievable, that your boy is innocent of murder or that he is a stand up guy....You should believe in your boys innocents whether it's his own kind or not, if he's the man you seem to think he is.

Poway, CA

#1165 Feb 24, 2011
Question--if a jury does not find Franswa guilty of murder one as the shooter, then how can Wessels be guilty of aiding and abetting Franswa? They have no choice but to retry Franswa or they will ultimately lose both convictions.

Santee, CA

#1166 Feb 25, 2011
onlooker.... It's obviouse you don't know much about the law or how trials work on individual cases. Allen Wessels was found guilty of first degree murder, not aiding and abetting. He was the one that brought the gun with him and gave it to franswa to shoot David Binno while Allen held him down. For those out there that are pretending they don't know what really went down or maybe just really don't know cause no one has told them the truth. There is no such thing as losing both convictions based on your assumption, you've come to this conclusion of not having any knowledge of the law or how trials work. Allen Wessels has been found guilty by a jury of his peers. Separate trials two different jury different conclusions. If it were that easy, then they wouldn't have to try Franswa, they just would base it on Allen's trial. Then it would of been a done deal and Franswa would be behind bars like his partner in crime. Where he will be soon!!!!!
Zippo z

San Jose, CA

#1167 Feb 25, 2011
Franswa will be found innocent you will see. Keep talking trash because that's what you are trash.

Santee, CA

#1168 Feb 25, 2011
Zippo Z...... Wowwwww how many different names have you come on here with now? It takes one to know one! My my how touchie we are. Franswa's family really has his back no matter what, even if he's a murderer. Noooooo, you will see, that punk will do the time with the rest of the trash you speak of......

Poway, CA

#1169 Feb 26, 2011
Wessels was found guilty of first degree murder for aiding and abetting Franswa in the murder of David Binno. Aiding and abetting carries the same penalty as first degree murder. If Franswa is found not guilty, or not retried, then how can Wessels be found guilty of aiding and abetting him? Aiding and abetting is just as serious as being the actual shooter, but you have to find the shooter guilty too. I think that is a legitimate point. And believe me, Speakup, I do know something about trials.

United States

#1170 Feb 26, 2011
Franswa will be retried not if. Wessels is not getting out regardless of Franswa's destiny. All of you need to get your facts straight. Wessels was charged with first degree murder nothing to do with aiding and abetting. They're both going down, that's you guys wake up call. Face it, except it!
Zippo z

El Cajon, CA

#1171 Feb 26, 2011
Clueless is really clueless and a retard and I expect that out of you.
6/6 first trail and the 2nd trial will be not guilty 100%
Keep wishing for something that will not happen so you are clueless. I guess if you have to vent go ahead until you turn blue

Poway, CA

#1172 Feb 27, 2011
Clueless/Speak. You're not listening! Aiding and abetting IS first degree murder. Geez...

Santee, CA

#1173 Feb 27, 2011
Zippo...You're just like a two yr old, you cry no matter what mommy does for you, you will just continue to shout and pout till you turn green just like all two yr olds.....Franswa is going to do the time, that's the bottom line. Clueless sounds like he or she has more brain then you could ever phantom to have. Now go put your arms around Franswa and vent,shout,pout together just like two peas in a pod!!!!!

Santee, CA

#1174 Feb 27, 2011
onlooker.... my point being and others is that when Wessels judgement was handed down, it was read just first degree murder. I know aiding and abetting holds same time and charge, but that's not what was read out in the verdict, it was plain and simple first degree murder and armed with a gun, 26 yrs to life. For those out there that don't know how the law works in trials, when there are mulitple people that is involved in the same crime, info can't be giving at each others trials about the other co-conspirators verdict much less talk about whether the other has been tried or not. So for Wessels to be released whether Franswa is retried or found not guilty, which that is in their dreams, could never be legally done. Two different trials two different jury's, two different verdicts, well the verdict part, same, guilty as sin.....

Poway, CA

#1175 Feb 27, 2011
Speak, you can understand why Wessels would have grounds for appeal if the person he brought the gun for, handed the gun to, etc., was found not guilty as the shooter? It is very important that Franswa is found guilty as the shooter. If not, who did Wessels help to commit this murder? He was not found guilty himself of pulling the trigger.

Santee, CA

#1176 Feb 27, 2011
onlooker... I don't know what other way I can explain the law to you about how it works when there is multiple people committed the same crime together. Each individual person has their own trial to try to proof their innocents. They are only judging the "ONE PERSON" that sits before them, not the others that committed the same crime with them. I'm sure you've heard of other crimes that was committed together with multiple persons that would go to trail and have different out come on their case. Simply that one jury could see one thing their way and another jury would see another way. One could be found guilty of the crime their being charged with and another could be found guilty with lesser charges or not guilty at all. The law does not allow you to discuss the other out come of the other defandants at the trails. If they were able to do that, then the prosecutor wouldn't of had to take Franswa to trial cause if Wessels was found guilty of first degree murder, that doesn't mean that they could just go and pick up Franswa and say Wessels was found guilty so you automatically is found guilty too. No they can not do that cuase it was Wessels trial not Franswa's trial. What if it were the other way around and it was Franswa that went to trial first and was found guilty of first degree murder, does that mean Wessels wouldn't have his right to a trial to proof his innocents just cause Franswa was found guilty? Listen I know you're trying to find a way to get Wessels out of prison. But this theory you have is not going to work. Two different trials two different jurys, they can not be judged together by one jury. They can't go into trial and discuss the other co-conspirators out come in any shape or form....

South Lyon, MI

#1177 Mar 1, 2011
To all of you on this blog, yes we hope the murderer is found, Franswa or who ever committed the murder. The other part of the harsh reality is that the imperfect justice system we have to rely on DOES NOT mean the right decision is going to be made, guilty or not guilty. Alot of us are going on gut instincts and some of us actually know the truth. My experience and gut tells me Franswa is GUILTY. If he truly is I hope he gets what he deserves, if he's not, then the shooter is found and convicted. I wouldn’t want anyone who is not guilty to go to prison. But I do want who was the shooter to go straight to prison with absolutely no chance of parole.

Oceanside, CA

#1178 Mar 1, 2011
I don't believe I've ever read such low functioning logic.

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