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#21 May 9, 2012
lizette megan wrote:
my boyfriennd was arestted and was convicted for 4 years and he qqot 85 % of that and 152 day tooken off which left him with 3 years he has done a couple much so riqqht now he is at 2 year and 8 months is he able to get out erlier then that on parolee or whut please help me i need my boyfriend
Tell him to keep up with good behavior !

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#22 Jun 15, 2012
First of all people make mistakes, we all do, some get caught, some don't,I feel no1 should be treated nor acted as if they are less valuble, it shows the critical thinking minds of the world with these post, and we wonder why our country is where it is today.. Enough of venting to those that obviously don't utilize their thinking skills often, and can only see one way, I was wondering if any1 heard of the new law reform in Ga. to help release non-violent offenders early, is this true? How is gain time calculated in Ga, is parole still an option with 1/3 of sentence, or is it 25% or 50%, any helpful advise to calculate dates would be helpful.... m

Thanks in advance

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#23 Jun 15, 2012
Agree with that good behavior helps, and, I would suggest speaking with staff there to utilize some of the programs that can benefit him, don't just sit and wait for time to be released, there are work programs, education, counseling to name a few, tell him to become active in making changes before release to better his chance later, it is hard to walk out, best wishes

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#24 Jun 15, 2012
Exactly, totally forget the fact that these people are in jail after being found guilty of criminal acts! No one should have to serve time for crimes. Let them all go free to do anything they wish without any consequences! Think of the dollars saved by letting criminals run free!I am sorry, but, I would suggest you reread this post, and, I would utilize my thinking skills here, please stop viewing things one sided, the obvious, but what about the problems each may of had to lead to crime? No, consquences for actions is fine, but what about making a difference to prevent future crimes,I would like to see rehabilition of someone then them to waste away at my expense, and, I am a victim of a crime, I lost my 1st husband to murder during a robbery, but, I have always seeked real justice, not just placing a person behind bars....

Denver, CO

#25 Jul 6, 2012
Observer wrote:
<quoted text>
Exactly, totally forget the fact that these people are in jail after being found guilty of criminal acts! No one should have to serve time for crimes. Let them all go free to do anything they wish without any consequences! Think of the dollars saved by letting criminals run free!
Gotta love the ingnorance of some people. Not everyone in prison is a "criminal" sometimes a person just made a poor decision. My man is in prison and he did not commit acts of "crime"

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#27 Aug 6, 2012
OMG wrote:
<quoted text>
Gotta take note of how ignorant Phaxxia is! Her man is in prison and he didn't commit a crime!
You stupid f**k. Call it a "poor decision" or a "my bad"! It is defined by LAW as a CRIME. Criminals pay for their CRIMES!
Wow, you must live in a cave, really think innocent people are not in jail, haha you are so wrong, yes people do make mistakes or poor decisions, I see you are no different, your thinking proves your ignorant, I hope you learn to step out of your closed box, I would like to welcome you to where the rest of live, earth, you know where everyone is human and makes mistakes, you are not excluded. Please act somewhat educated, I know it may be hard, but we seek knowledge to go past the drama. No one needs the stupidity of an ignorant person. My best advise to you would be find your self worth and self esteem, so the need of feeling better as you crush others is gone, best wishes.....

Richmond, VA

#29 Aug 24, 2012
i heard there was something called a reconsition to help someone get out of jail early is that true

United States

#30 Aug 25, 2012
OMG wrote:
<quoted text>
I know you are too intelligent to need me to point out all your misspellings and grammatical errors....douche bag.
Its people with this mentality that seek most of the authoritative positions in our government. Maybe they don't realize that th "Land of the FREE" jails more of its citizens than any other country! Including China! And half of those are non-violent drug offenders. They probably also think that the "War on Drugs" is actually working! Do they ever step back and look at both sides and think maybe this isn't working? Or you kind of have to wonder if they even really care? How can they when they are trying to put people down by making fun of people's "grammatical errors" instead of shutting up and actually thinking about what another human being is saying! When you have people with that same level of thinking in our government, it turns into the corrupt system we have today where its perfectly legal for cops to beat so called "criminals" way past any needed point of action just cause they have the authority and a f*ckin badge! God some people are really IGNORANT IDIOTS!

Salt Lake City, UT

#32 Sep 19, 2012
my daughter has served 4yrs at draper prison been dignosed with cancer from ovaries to cerxix sents 2011 just had surgery 2012of august it was stge 2 back then can she get out before her date of medical issues

Kansas City, MO

#33 Oct 7, 2012
my son was sentenced to 10 years with no aca for stealing 2 pizzas and $20. He has to serve 85% of his time in Missouri, he is a first time offender is there any way to get him out earlier?


#35 Nov 4, 2012
My boyfriend was sentenced to 3 and half years first time offender but been in prison for 3months before getting released on bail with a tag for 3months how long is he looking at serrving before getting out? And when can he apply for early release? Please help x

Greenville, TX

#36 Dec 12, 2012
have a Friend that was sentenced for 10yrs for manufacturing of delivery. They set him up on tape 2 yrs ago but just now bringing forth the evidence. They sent him to jail while he was going to his probation office in March 12. He was on probation but was going to finish up in May. So they got him for revoking his probation as well. But he had stopped doing all of this 2 yrs ago and was going to college which he had only18hrs left and been working for 2yrs on his job. Is there a way I can help him get out on parole ASAP so he can get back to going to school and working? He is currently still in the state jail been in there for 9 months now which they said is time served. They should be shipping him to a state pen soon.


Sylmar, CA

#37 Dec 17, 2012
hello ladies my friend boyfirend got 4 years for a gun and domestic violence we all know how that goes ..well she chose to forgive him he getting helped he done 1 in a half is there can she take cival restraining order off to have contact with him?? will he get less time if she do take it off plzzzzzzzzzzzz help her bf sister suffered an aneurysm after birth and his familly needs him trying to get him out soon
Latoya White

Washington, DC

#39 Feb 21, 2013
My husband is facing a murda charge and 2nd degree robbery he did 4 years for a robbery already and now he in albany county jail I want him home he never kill nobody the judge trying to give him 20 to left who can I talk to to get him to come home and he gets off parole april 29 , 2013 and he's only 23

United States

#40 Mar 6, 2013
My boyfriend got arrested for something he changed his mind about.when the cops arrested him they told him he better admit to everything no matter if he did the crime or not or the kids were going to cps... he will be there for 4 years but there is no evidence on anything. but because the officer threaten him to admit it he has to serve 4 to 10 years.. its not right how can i get this dropped??? somebody plz help me...

Cordova, AL

#41 Mar 6, 2013
My man is in prison for something
he didn't do and i don't have money to
help him get a goog lawyer. he took a plea
for 15 do 5 but he had no choice if he went to trial
he was told he would get 20 years for every count and there was 17. is there some help to get him out.

Largo, FL

#43 Mar 18, 2013
Hi my boyfriend just got sentenced to 12months in prison today in ohio I'm trying to figure out how long he will do and if I should pay a lawyer to send papers in after 30days for release hearing I don't really no much about this stuff just looking for help plz help if you know anything that can help me plz email me at

Largo, FL

#44 Mar 18, 2013
Sry my email is

Saint Marys, PA

#47 Jun 13, 2013
My mother just got put into jail for nine months. She got good time which means she should be out in six months and she had work release they took her work release away and im not sure does that mean they will be taking her good time away too ? Also i dont know if there is anything myself can do to get her out sooner. I am 19 years old and am two months from having a baby boy, my little sister is 12, & my older brother is turning 21 december and we all live with my mother. There is no way for me to get a job and pay the bills due to me being pregnant, My brother cant get a job because he was just in a four wheeler accident and of course my little sister is 12 and there is no way that she will be able to get a job. My step father lives with us but there is also no way that he can get a job because a few years ago he broke his back and neck and is now un able to work. Everything right now is hard because we all really count on my mother and i know that we are old enough to do things on our own but thats not how our family is. Just saying. But what i am trying to figure out is there any way that i could write a letter to someone to see if there was a way we could get her work release back or if there is a way we can get her on at least house arrest. I really need to know because im not sure what to do and i dont know how to hold everything together for everyone when i have so much that i have to take care of. Please help!!!

Trinity, TX

#50 Aug 14, 2013
My boyfriend got sentenced to 2 yrs state jail i am tryin to get him transferred from county to state jail asap so he can get back on his meds how an i go abou doin this someone plz help me

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