I used to really respect Tim and thought that the site was useful.

Then he started calling people with alternative viewpoints scathing names.

Then he hired that idiot Dan Johnson who is even worse with his vitriol.

There is no longer a lot of goodwill among the staff at Salem-News since Tim handed over the reigns to Dan Johnson.

He writes snide remarks to the readers who might disagree with him.

He has proven himself to be unable to see the real truths, and fits everything he sees into his own narrow-minded viewpoints.

I cannot believe that Tim allows such rhetoric to be imposed against the readers, i.e., CUSTOMERS, of this website. If truth is important, varied

viewpoints must be tolerated. And name-calling is an immature response.

You folks need to appreciate your reader base a little more and stop disparaging those who do not drink your Kool-Aid.