Gay Marriage Benefits Few, Devastates All

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Houston, TX

#1 Jun 19, 2012
gay activists, talk a good talk. By crassly riding the victimhood coattails of Black America, they've connected to a very primal, empathetic side of us, and with their complicit Media cheerleading all-things-gay, we're getting a very precise image of who these (ostensibly) upstanding, noble, benign, quirky, dynamic and imaginative people truly are.

With the media trumpeting the pew polls saying how a slight majority of americans polled support gay marriage, You, joe public, might be compelled to open your mind to it in ways you wouldn't normally have.

Not so fast.

You were decieved. The pew research polls were craftily executed onto segments of society that research reveals are the most Progressive-Leaning (I.E. College campuses), and will purposefully employ incendiary wording and dumbing-down semantics to sway people from their more cognitive, rational side.

America is plugged in to Hollywood. It's hooked on shows and movies. Only problem, gays have an absolute monarchy of the Hollywood landscape: deep-seeded positions of extreme influence. Producers. Writers. Set designers. Casting directors. On and on.
And now they run Hollywood, they're hell-bent on using it to sell the most positive portrayal of their own kind. Think about it.

In this capacity, Hollywood has become the designated dumbing-down machine of Liberals

"...First, let the camel get his nose into the tent. Only later his unsightly derriere.", goes Kirk and Madsen (esteemed visionaries who authored the gay activsts playbook, "After the Ball") when detailing the plan to slowly get America sold on homosexuality.

"...even if they can't turn off the sprinkler, at least we can get them used to the idea of being wet". Brilliant words from brilliant men.

Our brainwashing by Hollywood brings to mind the cinematic image [Hannibal, 2001] of Ray Liotta sitting at the dinner table, drugged, lobotomized, foggy-eyed, weaving and drooling- the top half of his head missing while being spoonfed his own brains. The media has America in a very similar state - in this same spoon-feeding highchair- catering to their successfully-lobotomized and browbeaten masses of complacent drones. I know this feeling, and it's basically why I shut the t.v. off permanently about 13 years ago.

Back in the 70's, a flood of research was undertook. Several researchers organized massive studies of this (gay) demographic. The outcomes were, shall we say, grim. Super-depressing. Downright revolting. Most notably, that ambitious Bell and Weinberg study. This research did irrepreble harm, and gays have been in damage control ever since.

A massive dumbing-down was at hand. Enter Kirk and Madsen, two Harvard Marketing graduates who envisioned employing Communist brainwashing methods combined with Madison Ave. selling techniques to get America on their side. Their working title for this book, it should be noted, was " The OVerhauling of Straight America".

Houston, TX

#2 Jun 19, 2012
pt 2
Utilizing Kirk and Madsen's vision, combined with Marx's recipies of bringing down an empire ("Destroy the Family"), Gay sympathizers are now aggressively persuing gay marriage. So...

What's the deal with this "gay marriage" thing? From listening to it's proponents, there can't possibly be any negative effects on society. There is no, no possibility of that. The Media and Obama backs it. Heck, even Homer Simpson and Family Guy are on board. For this, you can't argue with the incontrovertable merits of gay marriage. And if you do, that means you are an archaic, knuckle-dragging, low-brow backwoods bigot incapable of love or tolerance, and are an obsolete evolutionary throwback hindering "progressiveness" - so the sentiment goes.

See how black-and-white it can be? Gays like things in black and white, but then again, so do preschoolers. But there cannot be black-and-white outcomes when it comes to unraveling and upending a sacred covenant, a sacred fundamental societal construct in place for thousands of years, ordained by the Creator Himself, since the beginning of Mankind. Something so monumental must pass by approval of the People, or we aren't even a true Democracy.

"We just want to be able to marry who we love", the arguement goes. And the opposing viewpoints? There are no opposing viewpoints to the gay-rights discussion, or it will merit an infantile tantrum, like with the aforementioned pre-schoolers.

With their tremendous political clout, gay activists could easily get Legislators to grant them the same Social Security, inheritance, and hospital-related benefits that traditional couples get. But that's not what theyre after. They're drunk with power, and they won't stop at anything less than a complete takeover. Their trackrecord reflects as much.

And so the case is made for the virtues of gay marriage, with activists and the complicit Media using brute-force politics and propaganda to muzzle any and all dissent. Even tough-guy Bill O'reilly cowered from the intimidation from gay activists, who controlled many of his Sponsors.

Once upon a time, revolutionist prophet Karl Marx envisioned the best way to take down a Nation was to abolish the Traditional Family. And that's what gay marriage achieves.

Counterfeit marriage cheapens, taints and devalues God's definition of it. But more importantly (to gay activists), it grants the authenticating, Government stamp of legitimacy to their lifestyle, making it near-impossible to form a principled objection of their tireless takeover of Society (As proven by the David Parker case). That stamp of legitimacy, once imposed on All, will likely criminalize any dissent toward the gays' push for entitlement status, the road they've been barrelling down tirelessly, recklessly in the last several years. Achieving the status of marriage will be an enormous step in their Marx-envisioned, Orwell-foreseen takeover. And officially-retired will be Free Speech, in it's capacity to jolt awake the masses in the wake of gay activists' scorched-earth policy demolishion of everything rightious and decent.

Somewhere along these convoluted rivers of crocodile tears, feigned sentiments, social-engineerring, manufactured crisis' and sleazy pandering by gay ACTIVISTS, there is a tortured reality endured by gays themselves, blighted by feelings of inner-loathing conflicting with the Media's and Acedemia's celebratory message.

Houston, TX

#3 Jun 19, 2012
They (gays) are as trainwrecks slated for derailment, blighted by drastic overrepresentation in nearly every S.T.D., including being around 50x as likely to contract H.I.V. than straights. Higher rates of suicide (6x more likely than straights), higher rates of breast cancer, domestic violence, substance abuse - a laundry list of destructive pathologies.

These abyssmal realities haven't changed just because the media's gone overboard repackaging their image with their dumbing-down distortions ("Big Bang Theory"). And haven't been phased out of existence just because Team Obama has pushed Acedemia to promote it to young people.

These realities haven't gone away because the free-speech-muzzling, Political Correctness attack dogs have been sicced on anyone who dares remind people of these depressing truths that paralell the gay lifestyle.

And the Media are as exuberant, bouncing cheerleaders, high-kicks and pom-pom flourishes - celebrating homosexuality. Like LGBT lapdogs, excitedly tail-wagging, panting and drooling every chance they get, to sing the praises of all-things-gay.

Equally egriegious is how the Media will find extremely rare cases of perinneal, committed gay couples who have domestic longevity and try to sell this as typical. Studies reveal the number of partners for this demographic are astronomically high. So in effect, this is like farmer finding the very few unblemished apples on a diseased, pest-ravaged fruit tree, and then showing them off to brag about how good your harvest is going to be. Shoddy. Deceptive. Egriegious.

Somewhere in America sits an antiquated record-player, stuck at the end of a broken vinyl.

"We just want equality", blips this broken record, on, and on, and on, and on....

Pledge your support to those standing up for Moral sanity:

Kirkland, WA

#4 Jul 6, 2012
Roger's comments above are pure delusion. Rather, this issue is really just about equality and being treated fairly under the law. My wife and I are mainline Christians and our church denomination supports marriage equity--as do we, and my bet most Washingtonians will, too.

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