Mainly "low income" people without cars ride the bus system. I got scared away from bus transportation a few years ago. I had no choice but to ride the bus and it left me wide open to unwanted attention. I was a substitute instructor in the Fairfax county school system and I did not have a car. I actually lost my job because the bus was unreliable. I had to take two buses with connections and three times the connecting bus did not show up and I was late to my assignments. They have a rule that if you are a sub and you are late to work three times you are fired. I was actually very apprehensive about traveling by bus. One time I got on the bus and was in the middle and I noticed that a man got on with a sign and he was behind the driver. I thought it was a "garage sale" sign but I noticed people looking fearful and hurriedly getting off the bus. When I got to my stop as I passed the man with the sign I read it. He had a wild look in his eyes. The sign read HELP ME I AM POSSESSED ? No wonder people were getting off the bus. The other time I was at the Rolling Valley mall bus stop and it was 8 p.m. and a man and woman were there and I thought they were acting funny and the woman gets on the bus and there is a drunk asleep in the back and she hands me a note that says: HELP ME I AM BEING KIDNAPPED. I got off the bus and had her note and called the police and they arrived at the bus station and this man was evidently holding the woman and her five year old hostage. Then I was in Fairfax and taking the GMU commuter bus and two drunken people a couple got on the bus with a hwiskey bottle and were annoying and threatening the other passengers and the driver did absolutely nothing. I hate the public transportation in Fairfax county. I am afraid to get on a bus because of these incidents. Also I forgot the prevert who claimed to be a talent scout making a movie on the revolutionary war. He was soliciting all the passengers to be extras in his movie. There is no protection for women on the bus. It is like all the drunks and lunatics use the bus system. I was only taking the bus because I was trying to get to work and it was my only mode of transportation.I think every bus should have a police person undercover. I know it would be expensive but it is not safe to ride the bus.