Anwar Al-Awlaki
American citizen by birth, US Educated to Graduate Degree level, accomplish individual, who made the mistake of saying " if McDonalds comes to your country, and you reject it, the US will then send in MacDonal Douglas, imply Aircraft, to bomb you into acceptance.
The President, Obama, didnot like this, and on a visit to Yemen by Anwar Al-Awlaki, decided to have the Yemenie Goverment detain him, without charges, for nearly two years, and then release him.
Then this same Dictator, Obama, sets in motion a process, to allow the killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki,
who again is not publically charge, or convicted of anything, is sentenced to Death and a hit put on him?
Is the touge of one man so sharp against the President of the US, or Israel, who the President would do anything for at their request?
I want to ask you a question....what has the President done to improve the quality of your individual life since he was elected to office?
For me personally...Nothing!
Then, I want to ask you ...what has the President done for Wall Street, for Banks, Automobile Manufactures, Businesses, on and on, creating more debit for this country? Now here, he has created 14.5 Trillion Dollar debit, that if resolved in the manner he suggests, will push most of the debit out, not to be collected on his watch, and to allow you, your children, and your Grandchildren to pay it off over the next thirty (30) years? I donot reaally consider this being helpful to me, nor do I consider, that fact that a World class State, the United States, is and will become a third world debiter state to China?
Bottem Line, it is time for damage control.
What the American people reaaly need to consider the next time you (I) go to the voting box, that is NOT VOTING for anyone mark INCUMBANT.