Hopefully you know enough to go watch John Lennon's How I Won the War for bright ideas. Try to get excerpts of Reefer Madness to run immediately after the Legault commercial too, so that people can compare the stupidity of today with the stupidity of yesterday. 1/19 Extra! A bright idea from Bush Daddy himself: Get the poopheads to summon the Fire Department from the East (Is. 41:2), and the FD should say that they were marking the exits with their flourescent orange paint when the poopheads got in the way and had their heads painted. Then say the Kennedys did it.

I am the "servant of rulers", and these rulers do not want one of those who God has condemned here when they return.(Is. 49:7; Rev. 20:4-6)

Take this and send it to the ends of the earth!(Is. 49:6)