Shut it down until about 60-80% of the federal employees go out and find an honest and worthwhile use of their extensive idle / noncontributing time. There is way to much Make-Work going on at the Federal Level. It is almost as though we are asked to provide, through our taxes, the funding for enough $150,000 jobs to hire all the out of work academic leftists who have forgotten (or never noticed) that America is the city on the hill, the home of the free and the land of the brave.

We, as a nation, became great due to the individual contributions of ambitious and high-spirited citizens realizing that they have something to share, that they are as capable as anyone else, and that their energy is adaquate for the task. Large numbers of such individuals from around the globe have, over the years and decades, been attracted to this place to express independence and to seek liberty.

I am proud that my dear wife and I had the priveledge to raise four sons, with five daughters and two sons of their own, are persuing their contributions to America and the world!