Careless Driving Laws

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For Jessica Fain Stoebe

Madison, WI

#1 Oct 29, 2012
In March of this year, I lost my daughter and unborn grandson, Jessica Fain Stoebe and Alexander Nathaniel Stoebe, in a car accident, due to a woman who was driving carelessly. She only received 48 hours in jail and a fine of $1000. She was the cause of the death of two people and that is all she got. This law needs to change. The penalties for careless driving that result in a death need to be tougher. Please join us in trying to get this law changed by going to the following web site and signing the petition. It only takes a minute.
needs to

Fayette, MO

#2 Oct 29, 2012
We need to keep this at the top of the topix list to get more people to get this law changed.

Raymore, MO

#3 Oct 29, 2012
needs to wrote:
We need to keep this at the top of the topix list to get more people to get this law changed.
Yes we do. Someone needs to update this every hour. It only takes a second to go to the online petition. Please keep this going.....

Overland Park, KS

#4 Oct 29, 2012
Was this lady using her cell phone during the accident?
For Jessica Fain Stoebe

Madison, WI

#5 Oct 29, 2012
My daughter was on her cell phone with the police when the accident took place, but my daughter was in no way at fault. As for the driver that caused the accident, we do not know for absolute sure if she was or not, because the prosecutor decided not to investigate the accident.
You know

United States

#6 Oct 29, 2012
Accidents happen.

Raymore, MO

#7 Oct 29, 2012
You know wrote:
Accidents happen.
Yes you are right but, this lady killed a mother, her daughter and severely injured a senior in high school who was a very talented ball player. And she walked away.

United States

#8 Oct 29, 2012
Diduknow wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes you are right but, this lady killed a mother, her daughter and severely injured a senior in high school who was a very talented ball player. And she walked away.
you are right. And you have every right to be mad. But one day it could. Be you or someone else in your family that's causes a car wreck. And hurts someone or even kills. But I see your point we as people don't think about that. And hope it never happens.
Not certain

United States

#9 Oct 29, 2012
Carless driving can be a result if following to close, running a stop light or signal, speeding or using a cell phone. These are things were all guilty of!! As I am terribbly sorry for your loss, accidents do happen. If she was drinking or under the influence that changes a lot! Was she trying to run people off the road? What are all the facts! We need to focus on drunk driving and cell phone usage while driving, that's ynexcusable!
Jennifer Kitchen

United States

#10 Oct 29, 2012
It is my understanding that the woman who caused this accident was driving in a careless manner and Jess was on the phone reporting her when the accident occurred. I agree that people make mistakes and that it could be myself or a loved one at any time that could cause a similar event. But that is the point, raise awareness, advocate for change and work for prevention. I think we can all agree that its a common goal.

Raymore, MO

#11 Oct 29, 2012
Heard this topic is on the 10 o'clock news tonight.
To make awareness of this terrible accident.
Please watch and help this family....
John V Riffel

New Virginia, IA

#12 Oct 29, 2012

Mexico, MO

#13 Oct 30, 2012
This is such a tragedy for Jessica's family & friends & my heart goes out to all of them. The family is right the law needs to change. How is it the Vollrath woman didn't get charged with something more when she was under the influence of the muscle relaxer they mentioned & she'd worked a 12hr shift? What the f*ck was she doing taking muscle relaxers if she was working? Then the Vollrath woman drove her vehicle that killed a mother & her unborn son & injured another person. Vollrath was an accident waiting to happen that day. How can they not see what's wrong with this accident & charge her with more of a crime. That's why there are warning labels on medication. Vollrath knew she was driving impaired she admitted she'd run off the road a couple times. Why didn't Vollrath pull off the road & park then call somebody to come drive for her? Her attorney said Vollrath has nightmares & feels terrible well she should. I guarantee Vollrath's nightmares are nothing, compared to the nightmares Jessica's family is suffering. Jessica's daughter is beautiful & thank god she has her Daddy, grandparents & family to always make sure Jessica's memory is kept alive. Gone but never forgotten Jessica Fain Stoebe and Baby Alex Stoebe.
Friend of Jessica Stoebe

Columbia, MO

#14 Oct 30, 2012
Not certain wrote:
Carless driving can be a result if following to close, running a stop light or signal, speeding or using a cell phone. These are things were all guilty of!! As I am terribbly sorry for your loss, accidents do happen. If she was drinking or under the influence that changes a lot! Was she trying to run people off the road? What are all the facts! We need to focus on drunk driving and cell phone usage while driving, that's ynexcusable!

In the video above you will see some of the "facts" that you are looking for and you can see that, yes, this may be an accident. But what if this was your child that was traveling and doing the right thing by reporting to the state hwy patrol that this was happening and then finding out that seriously this could have totally been avoided, you would be fighting just as much as family and friends to change these laws!
The penalties that this woman received was a slap on the wrist! By only giving the woman a $1000 fine and 48 hours in jail, doesn't set a very good example to those who do make the constant decisons to text and drive, paying attention to those constant distractions while driving, bc basically they get the idea that its ok, they can get off without any penalties.
No matter what the woman was driving while impared, and even atmitted to the state hwy patrol that she drove off the shoulder a couple of times. There should be a stiffer punishment for this!

Kansas City, MO

#15 Oct 30, 2012
i would hate to think if i accidentally fell asleep driving i would not lose my license and or go to jail for an accident. sounds like to me the law isnt the problem the prosecutor is who didnt set the case right. like others stated, if it was you would you say yes i deserve to goto jail and lose my licence for having an accident. if you've never been tired and drove your lying. Its the Meds and the prosecutor that is wrong.

Columbia, MO

#16 Oct 31, 2012
Everyday you get in your vehicle to go somewhere whether it's close by or miles away you run the risk of having an accident and being killed.
My battles and I talked about that while I was in Iraq how statistically we have a greater risk of dying here in a highway accident then we did there via combat/IED.
I don't necessarily think more laws are needed though, stiffer punishments yes, most definitely, for sure, absolutely!!! We don't need MORE laws just stiffer punishments and prosecutors with the backbone to push them. These plea bargains for vehicle homicides are ridiculous!
Before you jump on me know I lost a child to a drunk driver. Accidents happen. People are stupid. Life sucks and burying a loved one is the worst, especially when it's your child!
I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you find what it is you need to feel vindicated! I don't know that ruining another families life will help but maybe. I don't know what kind of person you are.
Owning and driving a vehicle is much like everything else, you just never know! Scariest thing I do everyday is get behind the wheel. I'm not scared of me, I'm scared of all you!!!
Be well, be safe and do the next right thing!
For Jessica Fain Stoebe

Madison, WI

#17 Oct 31, 2012
We are not wanting to add more laws, we are wanting to change the laws that are already in place. We are wanting stiffer penalties for Careless Driving that result in a DEATH. That way, the prosecutors don't have a choice. That way they have to abide by the law that is in front of them. There was a ticket wrote for involuntary manslaughter and the prosecutor refused to sign it. For some reason, he was at the scene of the accident and signed the other two tickets issued at the scene, but would not sign the third ticket. He used the excuse that he didn't know if she was under the influence, well sign the damn ticket and then throw it out later, if the evidence is not there. If we can get the penalties changed for careless driving, then he would not have been able to make that choice, he would have had to sign the ticket.
And for What, I am sorry for the loss of your child. You, of anyone, should have an idea what I am going through. I have had to bury two children and a grandchild, in less then two years, because of careless drivers and in both cases, neither driver got the punishment they deserved. They get to live their lives, like normal.
I really can't speak about the boy that hit my son, as far as how it effected him, but for the woman that caused my daughters death, she came to court laughing. She denies everthing, she doesn't have any remorse. So, yes, if you want to call me vendictive, then so be it, but this woman deserves a little inconvience in her life and if that means keeping her name out in the public, then so be it.
Friend of Jessica Stoebe

Columbia, MO

#18 Oct 31, 2012
I would like to add something. I am a nurse. I a mom, a child, and a friend to the Fain/Stoebe and to the siblings and family involved.
I'm quite upset to see that in the investigation that they found medication in her system that clearly states "Do Not Opporate a Motor Vehicle". I'm positive this woman works in the health care feild. So my question is, does she take her medication while on the clock? If so, doesn't that also put her patients in danger on a daily basis for the fact that if she cannot opporate a motor vehicle safely then what about her other fine motor skills that require you to properly care for others in this type of work environment? If she has a state medical license, such as a LPN/RN license, have they completed an investigation, bc clearly this should be investigated to protect the ones she "cares" for.

@What: I'm sorry for your loss. I do not know that anyone can experience understanding for what Jessica's family has had to go through. I feel and pray for them daily. They have had to bury 3 children/grandchild in the last 2 years due to careless drivers.
These were caused by negligence--- Defined as: failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances. These "accidents" could have totally been avoided! I put accidents in parentheses bc accidents are unforeseen and unplanned events or circumstances, when in all acctuality these could have been avoided. Such as black ice, tire blows out, deer running in front of a vehicle. But when you put someone behind a wheel that has a substance in their system such as the one she had that states "DO NOT OPPORATE A MOTOR VEHICLE", alcohol or any other illegal substance, everyone knows, just as much as she did/does, you are puting yourself and everyone else at risk, which isn't an accident thats proven as negligence. To the man that caused the accident Matt was involved in, he ran a stop sign. Everyone knows what the red octagon that says STOP, it means STOP!- My 4 and 5 year old know this. Therefore if you don't stop and cause a wreck- its not an accident you are neglecting to follow the rules. With all of this in mind neglecting to follow the quite simple rules and following laws already in place, if the wreck results in death of the victim that is caused by negligence should result in some punishment than just a slap on the wrist. Negligence is not the same as an accident.
But it's definitely difficult to have the person that caused this pain not have a care in the world.

Mexico, MO

#19 Oct 31, 2012
I understand where your coming from on this Friend of Jessica Stoebe. I pray there's a loop hole in the law somewhere that Vollrath can be brought up on charges. I take medications for severe pain everyday & muscle relaxers. I would never drive while taking those medications the bottles are clearly marked with WARNING LABELS FOR A REASON!! I couldn't live with myself knowing I caused the death of a woman and her unborn child because I decided to drive under the influence of my medication.

Also the prosecuter isn't above the law. I hope the family can ask more questions. Can someone find out if Vollrath was prescribed those muscle relaxers she was under the influence of that day?

I have a feeling this isn't over & Vollrath needs to be behind bars. This wasn't just an accident it was a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Vollrath admitted to running off the road twice, that should have been her clue the first time to pull over & call a family member or a friend to come help her but she didn't, she continued to drive and caused this tragedy. How can that prosecuter NOT see ahe should be punished for killing two people and injuring another? Was Vollrath injured in the accident? I didn't hear that she was. Also Vollrath coming to court laughing, that's dispicable. Why is Vollrath any different than anyone else that's under the influence of any drug while driving?

I have no criminal record. I bet if I did what what Vollrath has done, I bet I would be in prison. The gray area of this law needs to change. How many more deaths will occur before the law changes? It's sickening!!
Wow O WoW

Tonganoxie, KS

#20 Oct 31, 2012
Who was the Judge in this case and what did she get?

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