a lot of folks seem to have a dictatorial urge to control other people. that seems to be the case with new york city mayor michael bloomberg. this congenital little busybody is on a crusade against guns. he also wants to ban soft drinks and fast food. loomberg is of the school of thought that americans are too stupid to know what's best for them. if i want to eat ast food or drink soda pop, that's my damn buisness and evry other american's damn buisness. bloomberg also has a prblem with guns. of course, in bloomberg's little fiefdom, new york city, it's illegal for law-abiding citizens to posses firearms. you could be convicted of a violent crime and sentenced to prison for just possesing a handgun. that's how draconian new york's gun laws are. this little dictator-wannabe wanted to run for president. he wasn't satisfied being the dictator of new york city. people like bloomberg have a pathological fear and htred of guns. anti-gun liberals think all gunare bad and all people are basically good. all people are not basically good. some folks are asically evil. look at all the two-leggedc animals we have walking the streets. of all the ammendments to the constitution that the government is violating, like the right to peaceful assembly to protest, the rights against unreasonable searches and seizures and the rights to privacy, i think the government will leave the second ammendment alone. i'm sure the government is smart enough to know the people will rise up and revolt if they tied to confiscate firearms. the dictatorial urge is strong in humans; that's why there are so many dictators and tyrants in the world. it's hard for little would-be tyrants like michael bloomberg to understand americans are smart enough to know what's good for them.