it seems the illegal aliens are winning. spanish has become a defacto second official language in this country. everywhere you go its english nd spanish. several states have passed anti-illegal alien ordinances only to have them struck down by the federal courts. alabama passed a law recently and it was struck down by the feds. it seems the federal courts are on the illegals' side. illegal aliens do not have ''constitutional rights. they're not citizens of this country! the obama administration has said they will now only prosecute criminal illegal aliens. that's an oxymoron, since all illegal aliens are by definition criminals. they are breaking the lsw just being here. ths is just a wink and a nod to the hispanic voters that though obama can't get amnesty through congress he will just ignore illegals who aren't dangerous criminals. obama has his own problem with his illegal alien uncle who was ordered out of the country 20 years ago and who was just arrested on a drunk driving charge. the tide certainly seems to be favoring the illegals. in 1954 president dwight eisenhower deported a million illegals in operation wetback. that was the example of a real president. ike was really the last great president we had. reagan amnestied 3 million illegals and both bush and obama favored amnesty for illegals. i would say contact your congressperson but that really would be a futile exercise. congress doesn't listen to the american people. their corporate masters love illegal immigration because it keeps down wages and provides them with cheap labor. there's a reason theborder is open. the government could close he border if they really wanted to. maybe the states and the american people will rise up and do something to stop the illegals. these sorry politicians in washington certainly are not going to do anything.