"We had a nightmare "terrible tenant" story for you to post. We rented our home in CHARLOTTE NC to a LISA CONTI (DOB 7/10/63) from Boxford MA or Topsfield MA. In the 7 months she lived in our home she racked up a $8360.00 bill on back rent, late fees and damages. She is a complete PIG and a disgusting liar. From what we noticed after reentering our property last week, DSS should take her kids from her. She seems to be beyond unfit to raise children. In one of the bedroom, she had reversed the lock on the door so anyone on the inside or the room could not get out. Additionally, she installed a padlock on the outside to make it near impossible to "escape" the room.(Perhaps this was for another reason. I just can't think of anything else it could be used for?) We have photos of all this. We also came to find out just last week that she was almost never at home. It appeared her kids ran rampant with no supervision at all. The teenage boy shot a pellet (or bb) gun into several neighbors windows, slidding glass doors and cars. One home had an infant sleeping in the room he shot the window out of. The police were called to the home on more than a few occasions. The teenage girl had her unemployed leech boyfriend move in with them. He obviously was not on the lease. LISA CONTI told us when she moved in that she had one 50 pound dog and no other pets. She actually had a huge Great Dane and a cat. The neighbors say it looked like a horse. She also later got puppy without telling us that appeared to be perhaps a pit bull boxer mix. Between the lowlife tenants, their live-in guest, and the smorgasbord of pets, our home needed new carpet (which was shredded) new paint, many sheet rock holes repaired, about 4 truck loads of trash to be removed, no more grass left in the rear yard, damaged siding, trashed fence and gate, etc, etc... LISA CONTI lied to us every time she "cyberly" opened her mouth, in the form of email that is. So yes we have many of her lies in writing. LISA CONTI in now (JAN 2010) attempting to screw another landlord in the MA Boxfod / Topsfield MA area. She told us she was moving to Londonderry NH but we know that to be a lie also. Stop her! "