I'm looking to move to a different New England state and one of my criteria is to find a place were people aren't obsessed with pot, alcohol, and other drugs. Seems like that's all anybody does up in Maine. Even if they don't drink or do other drugs they often smoke way too much Pot all the time. They make it their #1 priority in their lives. I personally like being a light social drinker but all too often I run into people that want to drink every single day, and start drinking in the mornings or noon. I know that alcohol & drugs are everywhere and that no city or town is 100% free of them, but I'm curious to know if these are an issue in Concord? From some of the Youtube videos I've seen it seems to be the citizens are into that stuff. I just don't know to what degree. I don't do drugs and I hate the smell of pot so I don't smoke it. Im not a total prude, I would like some beer buddies to hang out with from time to time (just not every single day). Living in Augusta, Bangor, Orono, and visiting Portland it seems that Maine residence are obsessed and addicted to substance abuse. It's just too much for me. I want more out of life. That is why I'm moving but I don't want to jump into another bath salt ridden city like Bangor again. Can anyone tell me what the drug & alcohol scene is like in Concord New Hampshire? Thanks. And again, I do understand that drugs & alcohol are everywhere so please don't make smart @$$ remarks. I'm not looking for a perfect place 100% free of substance abusers. Also if you are a pothead please don't post sarcastic reactionary defensive poop either. I don't want to hear it.